Hope u recover soon Mum, i haven have a good chat with u for some time already. Dear Lord, give her strength ...Amen

Its early morning now, workers bim bam bim bam outside working on the new terrence house @@ today gonna be a tough day too. better finish the report today la then jiu sui sui bo zao zui liaoo. i was so busy recently until i can go watch IP MAN 2 on pass wed nite and..its Mother's Day this sunday! so let's touch ur mum's heart on Mother's Day! Tonite is lik's bday dinner and i'm anticipating it. Oh ya, have a great cellgroup-bbq last saturday and its my first time bbq chicken wings while alive chickens are just beside watching us. Now You scared !

Found this meaningful on facebook so feel like sharing and i guess this is the 1st time chinese words appeared in my blog XD





甚麼都可以無所謂 沒有任何束縛



Yo jz passing by to say HI to anyone here ! haha. Ello ada orang sini kah wei ? SA midterm later at 11am, guys let's cheat!!....i luck! XD

new year ?

happy new year my frens!

im fine...cheers..


Aih this semester is going to end up really really soon. Classes are getting lesser and lesser so do the lecture. Kinda miss it. Time really flies huh ? Anyway, just done the presentation last week and its a big relieve when it was done. Booo Yeahh. Still boleh tahan la at least there is no Faeces Urine Diverting Toilet Chambers holding hand to hand and running in my mind dy now. This group i had for the EFDP is a great one. A special thanks to Mr. Aaaaaaron, Mr. Queeeeena and Mr. Hao Jieeeee. Its great to have a group of 4 guys working together. There were a lot of fun and i feel quite stress-free because everyone is just too cute !! So basically i will miss this group XD

Mr. Terrence and the Diverting Toilet

Mum and sis came over to Miri for fun yesterday. So spent most of my time with them instead of reports omg. Exam is around the corner and my mind is still as blank as Double A paper. Gonna switch it on soon i guess. Amen.


Before back to bintulu last friday, went to Annie Little Kitchen (just right behind miri city food court) for lunch. Hey the ambience there is quite good so do the food! but too bad la so expensive one..

Annie's Little Kitchen

Ever ready poser

Hey its just a down..

Stew lamb with pasta..not bad but small portion

kind of lasagne? not bad too but the name sound so LaksaNei..

Chicken sandwich..nice too..eatable

Sambal fish rice?

Thai wat wat chicken rice

My sis went to a newly open house cafe - Chef@Home and it looks..special? i thought its kindergarten at 1st. haha. so i did ask my sis to dabao some nice one for me and dad BUT:
she replied me "but i duno which one nice wor?"
I said "Then u read out the menu for me i choose.."
She said "Greww...stiickk...i duno how to read la.."
then i was like @.@ dy that time...wat had u learnt throughout this 17 yrs !!
i said again "aiya then u sms me the menu for lamb n steak la.."
after 5 minutes, the menu i got looks like name some.."grilled rump beef steak, grilled salisbury beef steak, stewed beef goulash" and so so so on. okok now i think i forgive you la cause all the names look so odd and fresh to me as well...wat is that?! May sound normal and understandable for you but not for me la XD. i jz simply ordered the grilled salisbury beef steak and grilled aussie lamb shoulder. .Just right after my sis came back, there was a er...20 minutes blackout? when i was hungry, i have to wait for my sis to come back, then when food come back, i have to wait for the electricity to come back@.@

After the electricity resumed, i feel disappointed still. the food is so so so so..not nice one. its tasteless, oily and ugly, its trueee! you see yourself la! haha..

Grilled salisbury beef steak

Grilled aussie lamb shoulder

I think i rank them 2/10 la, reasons:
1) Near roadside and drain, pollution
2) Tasteless
3) Oily instead of Saucy (not recommended for dieter)
4) Dishes name look too weird (confuse in ordering, results in dont know what you are actually eating. HINTS: u should googled it before u visit Chef@Home)

But the ambience there is quite good one la i assume, from what i saw la. and the price is erm..fair, not over expensive. so..try it at least one time la before u say NO. haha.

Yo Halloween Night coming (30th October 2009). Was thinking of having fun before exam and never attend such occasion before, so just wanna try it. See u there guys!


A random snapshot of my dog!


Was busying lately and only now i get to blog. All the task attacked us all of the sudden before the exam and they sound even more suck when the exam is just around the corner. If not mistaken it will be on 9, 10, 11th of november. Evolution report, EFPD presentation, ES lab report, you make my life beautiful, colourful and fruitful.

Last week was great. The camera i ordered had arrived safely. It was great and the website is seriously reliable. They sell different kind of camera and gadgets. If you are interested please leave a message or contact me privately at 1300-88-2525. The Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3 is a great one and very adorable. However, to be frank, it is not as stylish as Sony la. But when you press down the snap button, it will definitely amazed you and break your spectacle and make your pants wet. For more it yourself la! XD

We went to the leo club bowling competition last week in Bintang Megamall and 10 groups had participated. It was great and fresh. But i think i won't feel like touching bowling at the moment as we played too much dy. But we have a lot of fun that is true! Too bad la we didn't get any prizes but a certificate means a lot to me i love certs. XD

Went to DPS just now after class and i saw something eye-catching. Its hard to ignore it when you pass by something looks so pink so tall. Introducing you the Pringles Grilled Shrimp flavour. There is another new flavour- Soft Shell Crab which is blue in colour. Check it out and tell me whether nice or not ah.

A movie i have always been waiting for "Jennifer's Body". I think it will nice to watch and not disappointing. Wondering when they will screen it in Miri. *Cant wait*

and em...took this in Bintang ACCIDENTALLY..Paul Woods.

Random pictures. Love this.


So busy lately and just get the mood to blog this. Last week was a great one with lot of surprises! First is the Letter, next is the Hamper. Awww life is great if everyday is full of surprises! i mean..Good surprises instead of your wallet hilang surprise, constipation surprise or vase crashing onto ur head surprise. Back to bintulu last friday for the competition on sunday. Hmm.. satisfy i can say. Those adults were funny indeed. They are not as mature as u guys think la they only look serious when they are working. XD

And it was mooncake festival on last saturday. Parent went to wedding dinner so we sibling have to handle ourself. did went out for dinner but everywhere anywhere anytime anyhow the restaurant or cafe was so pack. And we end up waiting for around 90 minutes drinking and watching the waiters serving other tables. It was great indeed as we almost end up asking for white rice and pour our drinks in and swallow them and say "Tauke, BILL!"

We ordered one dish named "Vietnam Sauce Pork Rib". i was curious so i asked the waiter what is that dish about. and according to me, what i heard is, "Oh this dish ha, we cooked the pork rib by adding vietnam sauce lo." i was like "Oh okok..i never think of that before, how great u explained it to me. Oh thank you ~~ " @.@! Anyway, i think we didn't enjoy it much. After dinner, my ex teacher came to find me for mooncake chit-chating and later went to ChaiTou house for mooncake and tea and meet with my ex-classmate. It was great and i enjoyed it a lot. thanks ! =)

So, lot of task coming up again before the final exam. Evo report la, efdp presentation la, Es lab report la. They truly make your head spin like a Merry-go-round. Oh ya, gonna take part in the bowling competition orgranised by Miss Queena the Head of Lion and Leo club this sunday! Eeeehsheeeh no la im bluffing, the participating is true but she is not XD! ok gonna take another hamper troublesome XD!

Miss Angel Ling Shu Yin! Happy anniversary III !! =)

wow im back

Hey suddenly feel like blogging again. must be 3-minutes-heat again but who care XD. I just back from miri last sunday. Before that, saturday, travelled oversea to foreign country, i mean, travelled to brunei la with my family and my grandmother's kakak. Our mission is to bring kakak out of Malaysia and renew the staying period in Malaysia. Spend our day in kuala belait and basically i know the road already keep turning around the small town finding escapade.

But 1 thing i wan to complain to Brunei Boss, u guys de bumps are more that miri population and too muscular and sibeh high la. not everyone drives lorry or tall cars man. Imagine those sedan car? the bumps bump on their gugubirds seriously. Some of the bump in rectangular shape pulak.
Went to shop their town too. Its small lo like Bintulu, but got one cafe, i found that the Avocado Shake there is delicious! they ran down ur throat smoothly without any delay and the taste is superb! unfortunately, i forgot the cafe name already @.@

Back to escapade, did manage to find it but we accidently found Restaurant Nasi Ayam WYWY which i found it more interesting =) the atmosphere inside is good and they got a fruitful menu! i mean really a lot of choices, especially this one attracted me a lot. like they going to eat you instead of you eating them.

So those who go KB, don't keep go escapade la try WYWY! its opposite escapade there only. this is what we ordered while we were waiting for the Escapade to open. Grilled Queen Squid! Brunei dollar 6! ok ba right ?? its delicious too. smash potato is wrapped inside the squid. The white cheese lemon sauce is nice too seriously. Recommended.

1st time been to escapade too, cant deny that the atmosphere is good too over there. but one thing they failed, instead of plying japanese song, they play western music. lolz. Em the sushi is..em..eatable la and very big, not bad though, maybe i'm not very addicted in eating sushi la..haha..but they are really huge lo seriously, so mouthful and worth trying! Then went back to miri on the same night.

Today, spend my whole day under the sun. Went to ply golf with 3 of my dad's fren at 12.30pm. Fml can u imagine how big is the sun that time ? its 1280 wide 2340 tall 1480 long by naked eyes ok. no la, its really hot i mean. so now im half ang moh half indian already @.@ quite enjoy today as the adults are funny. once they get the ball in, they can happy dao shouting there and dancing there like chipmunks waving their butt XD. The back nine is ok but when go to front nine, im totally out of concentration, feet were hurt due to the new shoes causing jatuh skin =.= nah! watching this while u eating pls!

After that went to dinner with them and my family. was tired until i can't do anything tonight, esok have to submit efdp report lagi, sad thing @.@ that's all for today !

Oh ya, quite addicted to this song WHEN YOU BELIEVE(Leon Jackson). Watch the video after the jump. And Oh ya again, if there is any advertisements appear in my blog, pls click them! =)

back !

It has been a long time i din updated my blog already, gosh, laziness is killing me @.@ 

Its holiday period now and boredom really keep striking me, really suffocated. So i went to take out the recipe i bought in Miri and try to find the easiest one to cook. After all the ingredients are well prepared, here we go !! Marinated it, then fried it, baked it, then eat it ! honestly, not very nice i think, maybe something went wrong with the way i cooked or marinated it ? or maybe..AH SHONG !! It's your problem !! XD 

This dish they named it Pork Loin with Mango Salsa. But i dun have mango, so i name it Pork Loin why-must-with-? Mango Salsa.

TaaaaDaaaaaa ~ ok it looks ugly @.@

And last thursday evening, was informed to attend the interview bout the scholarship on the next day. Was so shocked about it as i din expect to get an interview with that. Bought ticket. Rush to Miri. During the journey, we stopped by a place for some refreshment and toilet fantasy. When i went into the loo, i found this on the wall. Malaysian Artistic Drawing rulez ! XD In conclusion, we will have a lot of surprises or unexpected entertainments whenever we visit public toilet.

During Father's Day, went to dinner in one restaurant, saw this can of orange juice on the table. Was bored that time and had a research on the can drinks. and this is what i found.

Best Before: On Bottom Of Can ? awww man, why don the manufacturer just make it simple by printing the date on it. We have to search for the date like treasure hunting @.@ so funny

that's the Expired Date, Finally =.="

Ah ~ wonderful, i love such scene, see the rain falls?